Extension Lecture:Digital Assessment tool for evaluation

Extension Lecture:Digital Assessment tool for evaluation

Digital Assessment is the presentation of evidence, for judging student achievement, managed through the medium of computer technology. ( Computer technology refers to hardware, software, and network)

 To know more about the concept, an extension lecture on the topic "DIGITAL ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR EVALUATION" was organized atGittaratan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training on 6th June 2022. The lecture was presented by an honorable guest Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur. 

All the pupil-teachers are familiar with term assessment in education. As we know the process of assessment takes place in the teaching-learning process making it effective for the teachers to know about the progress made by the students. Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur delivered her lecture on digital Assessment tools, their usage, and their importance. Ma'am was briefed about the assessment and conventional way of conducting it and how the pandemic gave importance to online activities which in turn reduced the writing part on behalf of students and dictation by the teacher. She highlighted the relevance and benefits of using digital assessment tool which has significantly improved the teaching-learning process.

To make the lecture more efficient and worthwhile, she introduced various digital assessment tools like Kahoot, Quizalize, Blanket, Socrative, etc. And asked the pupil-teacher to explain what they know about the tools and beneficial they are to accurately assess the learning of students and make fun quizzes, and questionnaires for students. She made the lecture interactive and gave us hands-on experience by making us use some of them, to familiarize us with the working of these tools. Pupil teachers were intrigued by the different and unique working of these tools.

Ma'am emphasized the use of these digital Assessment tools which are easy to use and brings creativity to both pupil and the teacher. She also praised the students for taking great interest in an important topic and actively participating in the activities she conducted.

The extension lecture that which pupil-teacher attended was informative and engaging. Various digital Assessment tools were brought to light and some of them were used by the pupil-teacher in the activity conducted by mam. It made us aware of these tools and how to login into them. Students paid attention to the lecture which was evident as mam asked the questions for which they were able to provide answers.

A formal vote of thanks was proposed by the pupil-teacher, who thanked Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur for delivering a wonderful lecture.


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