Extension lectures are highly important for the pupil teachers' development and this is made sure in the GitarattanInstitute of Advanced Studies and Training where imminent personalities are called upon frequently to enlighten the pupil teachers for their training. Hence, on June 10, 2022, another such session was organized in Gitarattan on the topic “TLM – concept and its implications.”

It commenced with a hearty welcome of Ms. Balbir Kaur, the academic coordinator in Gitarattan Jindal public school who has been working for many years in the field of education and is guiding the young teachers. She began her session in an interactive mode by asking the pupil's teachers about the audio-visual aids. Many of them responded and this is how the session began in a full-fledged mode.

She then continued by explaining the importance and significance of the audio-visual aids simultaneously using the presentation she had prepared. She gave numerous examples and indulged the pupil teachers as well to give more interesting and relevant examples.

It was a highly interactive session that provided immense knowledge and guidance to all the trainee teachers so that they make their teaching effective whenever they are going to teach in schools. To conclude the session, she discussed various TLMs like movies, pictures, charts, flashcard games, etc, and also demonstrated several apps that can be used to prepare these TLMs like canvas, pallet, and podcast app.

In conclusion, it was a pleasure to have Ms. Balbir Kaur to have come and enlightened the trainee teachers and for giving such an interactive and knowledgeable session on the use of different aids in teaching so as to make it interesting and playful.

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