Aagaz 2021: Orientation Day

Aagaz 2021: Orientation Day

'AGAZ' means The Beginning. Also, it is rightly said, Well Begin Is Half Done! In this context, our beginning to the Third Semester (2nd year) embarked upon a very prolific and positive note. Our prestigious and esteemed institute, Geetarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training, had organized an interesting and very knowledgeable orientation programme on 16th August 2021, hosted by our learned and experienced Professors. The title of the programme was AGAZ 2021. The purpose was to share the information with the students in a very transparent manner and to bring in clarity regarding the education path that they are going to tread in the coming weeks and months.

The orientation started with the introduction of the third semester wherein two parts of internship were discussed in an elaborative manner. The professors beautifully explained the different components of each part and their significance which will prove to be extremely fruitful for our professional efficacy.

We were explained that each part of internship carries 200 marks i.e. a total of 400 marks (20 credits). The components of Part 1 are as under:

and much more.


There will also be a Field Engagement of 16 weeks wherein the first week will be exclusively dedicated to observing a regular classroom with a regular teacher and would include peer observations, teachers observations, and observations of interns lessons by faculty. In the next 15 weeks of internship the student-teacher shall be engaged in teaching experience wherein the aim shall be meaningful and wholistic engagement including the writing of reflective journals.

A brief of skills of teaching was also shared by out learned faculty which was interesting and useful

In the nutshell, the least to say is:

If the beginning is beautiful; the end-result is surely going to be fruitful.

And to say the least; we have embarked upon (Agaz) a very sound footing towards attainment of our pre-set objectives in the noble field of teaching.

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