Extension workshop: Mindfulness in Classroom

Extension workshop: Mindfulness in Classroom

Activity- Yoga and Meditation
Date- 9th November 2022
Venue- College ground
Time- 9:00-10:00AM

A workshop on “Mindfulness in classroom” was conducted in college premise on 9th November 2022 (Wednesday) at college playground. The experienced resource persons Ms. Prachi Tanwar and Mr. Gaurav Chandna were invited to host the workshop belonging from a renowned CBSE affiliated school. The workshop open new horizon to yoga and Meditation which encouraged the trainees towards adopting healthy lifestyle and to how to manage schedules.


Trainees of both the streams, D.EL.ED and B.ED participated with enthusiasm. The trainees were guided to do different “AASANAS,” for instance, Sukhasana, Virasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana followed by guided Meditation.

A fulfilling and fun workshop was conducted. Feedback of the trainees were positive.

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