Extension Lecture: Use of ICT as an assessment Tool

Extension Lecture: Use of ICT as an assessment Tool

Activity: - Use of ICT as an assessment/evaluation tool

Date: - 30 November 2022 (Wednesday)

Platform: Google meet

Time: - 3.00 P.M

“Technology will never replace great teacher’s , but in the hands of great teacher, it’s transformational”


 An extension workshop was held on 30th November via google meet on the theme of  USE of ICT as an ASSESSMENT TOOL . The speaker was Ms. Chandni Agarwal, an educator with 25 years of enriching IT experience. She is currently associated with Maharaja Agrasen Model school. The theme of the workshop was use of ICT as an assessment tool. Ms. Chandni started with explained about various technological tools like  power point, kahoot and google form which will empower the teacher to make assessment effective in a 21st century classrooms. Then she organized a quiz to make everyone attentive and so we can reflect upon it.


Later she discussed major role of ICT in making the process of assessment interesting & instilling for teachers and students. She also explained that students are being empowered to make use of online or web-based assessment which in turn helps the students to do self-assessment. As the use of ICT is the need of hour, the assessment now a days need to be innovative , catering individuals need to provide inclusive education.


All B.Ed trainees and faculty members attended the workshop and it was an enthusiastic and enriching session for all of us as Ms. Chandni shared her experiences with us and words of wisdom motivated  and inspired everyone over there.


The extension workshop was successfully conducted and imbibe us to reflect on our effective use  of ICT. The overall experience was really a great.

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