Workshop: The Impact of Guidance and Counselling on Personality

Workshop: The Impact of Guidance and Counselling on Personality

A workshop titled "The Impact of Guidance and Counselling on Personality" was organized on 18th May 2023, featuring Dr. Priti Sambhalwal as the guest lecturer. The workshop began with a warm welcome from one of our classmates, who introduced Dr. Priti, highlighting her educational qualifications and achievements.
Dr. Priti commenced the workshop with an engaging activity that involved self- assessment. Participants were encouraged to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, struggles in overcoming those weaknesses, and seeking help when needed. These thought-provoking questions fostered introspection and self-awareness among the attendees.
Subsequently, Dr. Priti discussed various topics that play vital roles in the guidance and counselling process. She shed light on the following aspects:

Personality Traits: Dr. Priti emphasized the significance of understanding an individual& personality traits for counsellors to gain insights into their preferences, tendencies, and coping mechanisms. Temperament: Taking into account a person's temperament, counsellors can tailor strategies and interventions that align with their inherent behavioural and emotional patterns, resulting in improved engagement and progress.

Cognitive Styles: By assessing a client's cognitive style, counsellors can adapt their counselling approaches to match their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This facilitates effective communication and enhances the client's ability to comprehend and apply therapeutic concepts.

Self-Concept: Dr. Priti highlighted the influence of self-concept on how individuals perceive and interpret their experiences, as well as shape their attitudes and behaviours. She emphasized that counsellors work with clients to explore and cultivate a healthy self-concept, addressing negative self-perceptions and fostering positive self-esteem.

Motivation: Exploring intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, Dr. Priti guided participants in developing strategies to enhance motivation and drive positive change. Social and Interpersonal Patterns: Dr. Priti discussed the examination of social and interpersonal patterns to identify maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviours contributing to clients difficulties. Counsellors collaborate with clients to develop healthier social and interpersonal skills, improve communication, and cultivate more fulfilling relationships.

Additionally, guidance and counselling encompass the following aspects:

Goal Setting: Counsellors assist individuals in setting meaningful and achievable goals, helping them identify aspirations, clarify objectives, and develop action plans towards desired outcomes.

Decision Making: Counselling provides guidance in decision-making processes, helping clients explore different options, weigh pros and cons, consider values and preferences, and make informed choices.

The session proved to be interactive and fruitful, as Dr. Priti provided valuable insights into the concepts of guidance and counselling, underscoring their significance. We gained substantial knowledge from her workshop and eagerly anticipate attending more of her sessions in the future.

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