Nukkad Nattak

Nukkad Nattak

Awareness is like a sun when it shines on things did transform we need to transform our lifestyle and daily practices for saving our environment raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issue of our time is most important than ever we cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware we cannot help but change.

14 september 2021, GITARATTAN INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES AND TRAINING, in order to promote the initiative launched by government of India in the form of SWACHHTA PAKHWADA SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN announced by our Prime Minister which is focusing on the cleanliness and hygiene, is spreading awareness about conservation of water and ban on plastic. SWACHHTA PAKHWADA is a fortnight long programme observed to ensure mass participation of citizens in swachhta activities and to truly transform swachh Bharat into a citizens movement. We all celebrated our 14TH day off Swachhta Pakhwada Abhiyan in our science pedagogy class with our supervisor Ms. GARIMA mam. In our today's activities we all teacher trainee presented a nukkad natak of 2-3 minutes on conservation of water or ban on plastic.

A group of six teacher trainees (Mallika, Deepakshi, Dipsy, Jaskiran, Sneha Gupta, Sadaf Naaz) presented a NUKKAD NATAK which they have prepare that includes both the conservation of water and ban on plastic. Through the Nukkad Natak they give us many simple and daily tips to save water on a daily basis on our individual step and also promoted not to use plastic bags and polythene to save our nature as plastic is a very major problem for our environment as it is very e difficult to degrade and causing major Havoc to environment. They presented it very accurately. All were appreciated by Garima Mam and at last the event was ended by GARIMA MAM giving her suggestions and measures to conserve water. It was a very enthusiastic event and it concluded that we should not just post pictures online or just say to conserve water on papers only but we should adopt some daily activities that conserve water and does not use the plastic bags so that we can be a good human resource for the nature and provide best quality of environment for the next generation.

A lot of fun-filled activities like painting, poetry ,role play ,dance were performed by the students . The purpose of the celebration was to inculcate value of sharing and respect in the students.

The life history of Lord Krishna was very beautifully depicted by colorful dance performances . The Principal of our institute blessed all the students on this auspicious day and gave them the message as always, looking ahead instead of reminiscing in the past. Her words truly summed up the efficacy of celebrating festivals of devotion and obedience towards their parents and teachers.

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