Importance of Art Aesthetics in School

Importance of Art Aesthetics in School

An external Workshop was organized at GIAST on 11 November’ 2021. Mr. Manish Saini was the resource person for the session. He delivered an interesting and meaningful lecture on ‘Importance of art aesthetics in school’. The lecture was attended by Prof. Sarika Verma, Prof. Shalu Jarwal, Prof. Garima and B.Ed. II Year teacher trainees.

Mallika, B.Ed. II Year teacher trainee accorded him a warm welcome and briefly introduced him. He has completed Bachelor of fine art and Master of fine art from Kurukshetra University. He has also done 3 year multimedia and animation course from Arina. He is having a long experience of approximately 10 years. He has been associated with a renowned company in textile designing as a graphic designer and has experience in art education. He is also a gold medalist in swimming at state level.

The resource person shared his knowledge regarding the Importance of art in school. Art plays an important role in developing interest and creativity in students among classroom of each and every subject. Art gives a teacher different opportunities to connect with the students in artistic ways.A teacher can deliver his content with the help of visualizing arts like working model. A child when first time enters in the classroom, he learned the line drawing which is later on used to teach him the language. Like, learning alphabets with the help of shapes gives him practical knowledge, he first notices the color and shape of an object which is used to set the concept in his mind. He emphasized on the basic principles and fundamentals of Art in which he discussed about types of pencils and brushes used in different fields; and the primary and secondary colors which in addition with black and white color make the total 8 colors of art language. He further discussed about the elements of art in which he shared knowledge about effect of the perspective and vanishing point on painting. He also mentioned the different types of art forms existing in the world like modern art, realistic art, performing arts. In the end, he discussed about the difference between painting and poster, six elements of a poster along with the various types of block printing available. The teacher trainees participated enthusiastically in the discussion.

At last, Shivani Batra, B.Ed. II Year teacher trainee, gave a vote of thanks to the resource person. It was an amazing opportunity to hear from him on the topic of "Importance of art aesthetics in schools" as he himself serves as a role model of the same which makes him perfect resource person. He shared his valuable knowledge and enriching experiences with us.

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