Extension Lecture

Dr. S.K. Bhatia

Designation: Former Associate Professor, Department of Education (CIE), Delhi

�The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.� -William. A. Ward

B.Ed third semester students are now going to practice their School Internship Programme that is completely on the online mode due to prevailing situation in our society. So, to give them an overview of it, an extension lecture on the topic 'School Internship Programme' was conducted on Google meet on 17th August 2021 by Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies & Training (GIAST), Rohini under the guidance of Principal, Prof. Sonia Jindal, in which all the students of B.Ed and several Staff members of GIAST participated.

Thelecture was chaired by Dr. S.K. Bhatia, Former Associate Professor, Department of Education (CIE), Delhi. It was aninteractive session where the speaker has shed light on different important topics related to School Internship Programme. He discussed about the importance of SIP where Pupil Teachers need to prepare themselves with lesson plans, micro teaching and simulation.

Also, Pupil teacher should take care of the selection of topic that should be done on the basis of nature of learner. Also, the time management need to be taken care of. Teaching points should be clear and for every teaching point appropriate method/ approach/ technique should be selected and used. A part from this question answer technique is one of the common technique that is used by the teacher so it should be used effectively.

He shared his own experiences where it is important to understand the nature of the content so that teaching point can be framed properly. Effective teaching is based on use of methods used by teacher and hands on experiences should be given to learners.

He focused that methods of teaching depends upon the nature of teaching point and objectives should be framed according to Blooms taxonomy and domains of learning. Proper lesson planning is important and format of the lesson plan was discussed by the speaker in detail.

Further, he emphasised on the role of NEP 2020 where the focus in on the experiential learning that should be inculcated where importance should be given to experiences of the learners. Experiences can be divided into two categories i.e concrete and illustrative experiences and both should be included in the teaching learning process. Apart from that use of different skills (analysis, synthesis etc.) should be taken care of while preparing and executing lesson plan.

It was an immense pleasure to get knowledge about the topic and Sir has shared his experiences also.All these components of SIP were discussed in detail and it was also fruitful for students. Students have asked variety of questions and are satisfied with the answers they received from Sir.

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