Extension Lecture

Prof. Vandana Saxena

Date: 24th September 2019
Venue: Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies & Training
Designation: Department of Education, (C.I.E.), University of Delhi

"Reflection on Significant Life Experience"

As a regular of feature of the college activities, an extension lecture was organized in Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training on September 24th 2019 (Tuesday). Prof. Vandana Saxena, Dept. of Education, C.I.E., University of Delhi delivered an interesting, meaningful and thought provoking lecture on "Reflection on Significant Life Experience". The lecture was attended by the Faculty of B.Ed. and current B.Ed. students. Also present on the occasion were Dr. Shikha Ranjan, Associate Prof., GIAST, Dr. Aanchal Rana, Assistant Prof., GIAST and other staff members of the Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training.

In the welcome address, Ms. Komal introduced Prof. Vandana Saxena as an eminent educationist who has achieved laurels in the area of teacher education and has contributed a lot in promoting growth in various spheres of education. The most fascinating thing about her was that she always writes her name in lowercase, even the first letter of her name because she believes in complete equality ; Equality For All. She also complimented Prof. Vandana Saxena for choosing a pertinent topic as pupil teachers need to know the importance of Sharing and assimilating a range of experiences on the event / experience in the form of finding answers to what that experience meant to me? Prof. Vandana Saxena highlighted the relevance of the topic as she not only discussed the various reflections on her different significant life experiences but also about the reality of life.

She compared the difference of life between present generation to the earlier generation in terms of the education pressure level, frustration and stress. She frankly told about her failures, briefing out that failures are part of life and keep us grounded. According to her, acceptance is the key to success and anticipation of over ambitious and short goals will land us with unsatisfactory feelings. Further during the interaction session, Prof. Vandana Saxena answered the queries of the students and exhorted them to show selfless devotion and strong determination towards their profession when they become teachers and work for the welfare of the society and the nation as they have opted for a noble profession in their life.

In her presidential remarks she emphasized upon the equal gender parity should be induced in each and every minute of nurturing. She elaborated the relevance of interaction between student and teacher in the classroom as every episode in a classroom is learning experience and it is important to understand the psychology of students and a teacher is to be vigilant of what he did when he was a student. She also praised the students and staff of the college for taking great interest in an important topic related to their life experiences and also gave information about its relevance. She truly justified the words "you are a hero of your own life story".

She concluded the session by saying that we should not waste time and always be positive. Life is like a wave with ups and downs but at the end it will eventually go parallel.

A formal vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Shweta Grover, who thanked the revered speaker for delivering a thought provoking lecture.

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