Extension Lecture

Professor Yukti Sharma

Date: 04-February-2022
Venue: Virtual GIAST Meet
Designation: Professor, Department of Education CIE, Delhi University

National Webinar: Creating a Holistic Learning Culture



Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training, Delhi took the initiative to conduct an online webinar to highlight the importance of holistic learning and the right manner in which teachers can implement it in classroom learning.  This webinar was conducted on the topic “Creating a Holistic Learning Culture” on 4th February 2022 at Google Meet Application. 


Professor Yukti was one of the speakers in the session. Professor Yukti Sharma is a Gold medallist in the Biology test for Delhi school teachers in 2006. She also received a Gold medalist in M.Ed. (part-time) from C.I.E in 2004. She is  Awarded twice by Deptt. of Teacher Education & Extension, NCERT for following innovative papers based on action research conducted in the school during sessions 2003-04 & 2001-02 in an All India competition for teachers To study the effect of peer learning and to enhance the learning capabilities of children and  Enrichment exercise in science class- an integrated approach for all ability learners.

Professor Yukti Sharma, commenced with a question- How NEP 2020 is different from the earlier educational policies? Which she addressed by highlighting the prime idea, which is a holistic understanding of the learners to ensure holistic learning. She highlighted NEP doesn’t refer to the western philosophers but borrows critical ideas from the Indian philosophers, which talk about the learners, their ability, background, community, their needs. Focuses on creative ability and not just creative thinking and creates experience and opportunities for the learners so that they can grow according to their own learning which will be self-evolutionary. She focused on the need for a cross-curricular pedagogical approach and dissolve the hierarchy created among the curricular and co-curricular activities.

The session was concluded by Professor Yukti Sharma by highlighting the importance of parents’ role in India in reference to Dr. Tanya Gupta and Ms. Deepa Khatri’s papers. She focused on the changing demands of holistic learning according to changing society and highlighted important points from the papers of each presenter.

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