Extension Lecture

Dr. Sheetal Chadda

Designation: Associate Professor, at renowned business School, Ph.D., MBA, from FMS, University of Delhi, and Gold medalist in MA Public administration.

On Friday, 12th of November, Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Research hosted a Workshop on 'How to prepare for an Interview'. The Session was conducted by Dr. Sheetal Chadda. Dr. Sheetal Chadda is an Associate Professor, at renowned business School. She is Ph.d and done MBA from FMS, university of Delhi. She is also a Gold medalist in MA Public admin. Knowing self is important while you represent yourself to a new world. According to Dr. Sheetal Chadda learning academics is not enough for oneself. One has to go through an understanding of self not just what you are thinking or what you know about but also what you are feeling in your subconscious. Therefore, Dr. Sheetal Chadda divided the session into the emotional and physical understanding of the self.

The session started with spellbinding approach, i.e, by giving interviews, one gets to know their best self. In order to explore potential, a person needs to do SWOT analysis. SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. It is a technique for assessing these four aspects of once career. All student performed an exercise as guided by Dr. Sheetal and discovered what was lying beneath into their subconscious. There was also a sense of acceptance as well as a clarity among the our young future teachers.

The session then moved forward with the discussion on Johari Window Model, a tool for discovering self. The Johari window is a technique designed to help people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. Each person is represented by the Johari model through four quadrants or window pane. Each four window panes signifies personal information, feelings, motivation and whether that information is known or unknown to oneself or others in four viewpoints. The model gave a perspective to all the students to view a situation from many aspects. It also made them questioned about why a certain person has a certain feeling.

Furthermore, The exciting part of the session begin i.e., personal grooming. Etiquettes play a crucial role in interview preparation. It is pivotal to present oneself physically orderly. Our body speaks in a language that tells more about a person without even uttering a word. In addition to this, the session also informed the students to practice interviewing before the real interview happens. The interviewees must already have the knowledge about the company/institution/school and comprehend vigilantly on aspects that the institution is looking for in a person.

The lecture ended with the speaker boosting the energy of teacher trainees to perform their best. She wished the trainees with best of luck and the vote of thanks to deliver an informative lecture was given by one of the trainees.

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