Extension Lecture

Ms. Chandni Agarwal

Designation: National ICT Awardee and Head of department of computer with renowned CBSE senior secondary school

Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training organized an external workshop on 21st October, 2021 at 3:00 PM.

The speaker for workshop was Ms. Chandni Agarwal, who is a National ICT Awardee and Head of department of computer with renowned CBSE senior secondary school. All the faculty members and all the teacher trainees of B. Ed 2nd year were assembled virtually on google meet to learn and get hands on experience through this workshop on "Web Publishing".

The workshop started with a welcome note by a teacher trainee Asmita Sharma as she welcomed our guest speaker for the day.

Through this workshop, Ms Chandni Agarwal introduced all the trainees to the ways of making a class interactive as in today's era of technology and intelligence, and also this pandemic led virtual schools, children need active ways of learning and that is why now is the time of hybrid classes, proper use of ICT tools to enhance the teaching and learning process. She explained briefly that now is the time of 21st century skills and how proper and judicious usage of various ICT tools can help us to create an interactive content for our next generation students, which is also suitable at all levels of schooling.

She introduced students to a new website called "Genially" and it's distinct features, by demonstrating its usage on her screen. She thoroughly explained every feature of this website and how we can use it to our advantage in our classrooms. The website has many interactive options for making a multimedia lesson and an interactive presentation for the students and which ultimately will help a teacher to attain his/her objectives in a classroom by seeking full attention and involvement of students.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks given by teacher trainee "Shruti Shukla" as she thanked the guest for giving her valuable time and sharing the knowledge to enrich all the teacher trainees.

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